Diving to Atlantis - Goodbye Philip Roth
('Tired of Winning' dispatch, The Monthly, 2018)

Nick Kyrgios: Talent to Burn
(cover story, The Monthly, 2018)

Once Upon A Time in the West
Conservatives pine for the days of unapologetic cultural supremacism.
Do they really know what they’re getting themselves into?
(feature, The Monthly, 2017)

(Writing NSW essay for the Sydney Review of Books, 2017)

The Crankhandle of History
Bruce Chatwin's The Songline's at 30
(feature, The Monthly, 2017)

Bonfire of the Narratives: How Did American Democracy Come to This?
(cover essay, The Monthly, October 2016)

A History Of Violence: Germany And the Refugees
(collaborative multimedia feature with Seecum Cheung, SBS, March 2016)

Roger Ballen's lense a dark mirror
(profile, The Saturday Paper, May 2016)

The Boomer Supremacy
(essay, The Monthly, March 2016)

Lessons from Louise:  the story of Paul Sheehan and the Sydney Morning Herald
(feature, The Guardian, March 2016)

Nope, Nope, Nope: Why Australia Won't Help the Rohingya
(cover essay, The Monthly, August 2015)

Ne Plus Ultra: the ISIS attack on Paris
(comment, The Monthly, November 2015)

Richie Benaud: time to say goodbye to cricket's permanent witness
(profile, The Guardian, April 2015)