May 2018

Finalist in the Walkley-Pascall Award for Arts Criticism.

TOW#3: Diving to Atlantis - Goodbye Philip Roth

TOW#2: Down on K-Street 

TOW#1:  Beyond The Presidential Personality

'Tired of Winning' dispatches and podcast series announced.

April 2018

Appointed the Monthly's first US correspondent

March, 2018

Cover story on Nick Kyrgios, for The Monthly. 

February, 2018

Feature on Nelly Yoa, for The Monthly.  

December, 2017

'Writing in the Digital Age' Masterclass with Schwartz Media.

Essay for Sydney Review of Books' Writing NSW series on Luna Park

October, 2017

Opinion on Australia's welcome mat for right-wing trolls for The Saturday Paper. 

September, 2017

Feature on Bruce Chatwin's 'The Songlines' 30th Anniversary story for The Monthly

Opinion on Chasing America's Decline for The Saturday Paper

August, 2017

Opinion on The Politics of Failure for The Saturday Paper

July, 2017

Opinion on The Discourse of Distraction for The Saturday Paper

March, 2017

Cover story on the Alt-Wrong for The Monthly

February, 2017

Appearance on the Double Disillusionists podcast

January, 2017

Cover story on James Packer for The Monthly

December, 2016

The Monthly: twenty most-read articles of 2016 

November, 2016

Appearances on ABC local radio with Jacqueline Maley, Dom Knight and Christine Anu.

October, 2016

Covering the US Election for The Monthly magazine.

Collaboration with Seecum Cheung profiled in Art Monthly. 

September, 2016

A Masterclass on 'Pitching for Freelance Writers' for  the Guardian.

July, 2016

Writing for The Checkout (ABC TV)

June, 2016

Speech at the Committee for Sydney

May, 2016

Double Disillusionists podcast with Dom Knight and Andrew P Street.

April, 2016

Erotic Fan Fiction at Giant Dwarf Theatre.

March, 2016

Interview on JJJ radio

Interview on the Race Card podcast

Appearance on the Lateline Friday Debate.

February, 2016

Appearance on ABC 702 radio with Richard Glover.

April, 2015

Appearance on Tom Ballard's 'Like I'm a Six Year Old' podcast.

Masterclass for the Guardian.

December, 2015

Appearance on ABC2 Story Club.